Atlantic Mackerel

Fresh / Frozen

Scomber Scombrus

Name: Atlantic Mackerel

Scientific Name: Scomber Scombrus

Origin: FAO 27 Spain

Sizes: 2/3 ppk; 2 / 4ppk; 3/4 ppk; 4/5 ppk ....
Presentation: Fresh or frozen
Freezing: In block or in IQF boxes of 20kg net
Description: Body elongated and rounded. Eyes smaller than Scomber colias, with adipose eyelid. Two dorsal fins, somewhat more separated than in Scomber colias. First dorsal fin with 12 hard radii. Second dorsal fin and anal fin followed by 5 pinnules. Caudal peduncle without central keel. Greenish blue coloration, traversed by numerous sinuous lines oblique wide black, very marked; flanks and belly white silver, without dark spots. Up to 50 cm in length.