Horse Mackerel

Fresh / Frozen

Trachurus Trachurus

Name: Horse Mackerel

Scientific Name: Trachurus Trachurus

Origin: FAO 27 Spain

Sizes: + 16cm (8 / 10ppk); + 20cm (5 / 7ppk); + 25cm (3 / 4ppk); + 30cm (1 / 2ppk)
Presentation: Fresh or frozen
Freezing: In block or in IQF boxes of 20kg net
Description: Body slightly compressed. Eyes with adipose membrane. Last soft radius of the second dorsal and anal fins separated from the rest, although joined by a small membrane. Two small hard radii in front of the anal fin, separated from it. Main sideline with 66 to 75 large scutes. Lateral accessory line long, until the last rays of the second dorsal fin. Metallic gray green on the back with golden highlights; white silvery by the flanks and belly; a black spot in the upper corner of the operculum. Up to 45 cm in length.